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ADA Signs Don’t Have to Be Boring

Author Jim

Ensuring that your signs are ADA compliant is a big thing to consider when designing your marketing strategy. You must be as inclusive as possible and do the right thing. The only problem you might face while doing so is you might have difficulty maintaining a fascinating design while being compliant. Lucky for you, we have a few tips to ensure your ADA signs are not boring while being in compliance with all the rules.

You know that your sign needs to be ADA compliant, but you are having difficulty designing it in a way that keeps things interesting. The compliance rules don’t necessarily have to take away from the shine of your sign. What you need is to work with a creative team that is experienced in creating ADA signs and can offer you what you need, while keeping every aspect of it vibrant, colorful, and innovative. A sign company like Alpha Sign Group can help you ensure that your sign has the right spacing, sizing, placement, color contrast, and font.

Who says ADA compliant signs have to be boring

Where to Place ADA Signs

The signage you add indoors and outdoors needs to be ADA compliant. This also includes elevators and parking lots. You can think about this creatively to come up with a solution and add visual and tactile elements to your existing signs that are wayfinding signs, area/room identifying signs, or simply banners. This will help the visibility and inclusivity of all your signage.

Hire Professionals

One way to go about ADA signs is to hire people who know how to give you the right signage. What you want is to make everyone feel inclusive and have signs that are accessible to all. Wayfinding signs, for example, only work if they work for everyone.

Put your faith in Alpha Sign Group for all your ADA signage needs and see how we can elevate your brand persona to the fullest.

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