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Architectural Monument Signs For Corporate Buildings

Author Jim

Is your business hard to find? Located at a visually hidden place? An architectural monumental sign will guide people to your business. A business needs signage to alert people about its presence and drive them to the storefront. While there are many signs you can use, monumental signs are bold and beautiful and among the best options for corporate buildings.

Monument Signs
Monument signs are a striking combination of design and architecture

Who Uses Monumental Architectural Signs?

These signs are a combination of design and architecture. They are freestanding structures mounted on the ground. They can be of any shape, design, color, and material. Any business can use them for brand promotion, visibility, wayfinding, and showing specific messages. If you are wondering who uses these signs, you must have seen them many times near these buildings:


  • A business sitting back from street view
  • Large corporate campuses
  • Educational institutes
  • Government buildings
  • Offices parks
  • Shopping malls/plazas
  • Public parks
  • Sports arenas and more

Why Use Architectural Monumental Signs

24/7 Visibility

Monumental architectural signs are typically large and located where most passers-by can clearly see them. Many people have a hard time finding the building due to poor or no signage. Monumental signs are a 24/7 representation of your brand to draw attention.

Makes a Clear Visual Connection to the Brand and the Building

These outdoor signs are an effective marketing tool that grabs many more eyes if appropriately used. You can use the sign thematically and link to your brand and building. They are highly versatile. You can have them built from the same material that the business building is made from and use the same brand identity elements to make a clear visual connection and guide people to your office.


Maintenance expense is the last thing you should be worried about for monumental signs. We make our signs with durable materials and will stay in the best shape despite facing extreme conditions for many years. The only thing you will need to do is regularly clean them so they stay shiny and drive large numbers of people to your brand.

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