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Complete Exterior Sign Fabrication and Installation

Author Jim

Getting exterior sign fabrication is a big step for your organization, and it is imperative that the final product quality is up to your standards and that the exterior sign installation is seamless. At Alpha Sign Group, we ensure that our sign fabrication and installation experts handle your product with care and ensure that the lighting features are working accordingly. If you aren’t happy with the service, then it really doesn’t matter how good the signage is. Those are the qualities you need to seek in a reputable sign company.

Let’s take a look at what steps to expect from a professionally created sign that needs to be installed.

Project Proposal

Sign InstallationThe first step is the project proposal step of your exterior sign fabrication. The sign company you choose will propose the entire project to you, which will include the concepts and pricing. This will completely depend on the requirements submitted by you, and the location you want the signage to be installed in. Once you are satisfied with the project proposal, the sign company can move forward with receiving the deposit for the project.

Detailed Drawings

After the initial deposit has been received, the sign company will create detailed drawings and proofs to obtain your approval. If you require any revisions, this will be the stage for those.


The drawings and permit package are then sent to the property manager or the building owner so that they can approve them. If they require any revisions to the drawings, we communicate the new ideas with you i.e., the client, and then resend them to the building owner or property manager for approval, which is in writing (either by a letter or by email), so that it can be used in the city permitting process. It isn’t always necessary for all cities to show this proof, but it is better to be careful when it comes to this stuff.

Sign Design

This process typically takes anywhere from 15 to 20 business days. But the timings can vary based on the complexity of your project.

Scheduling of Installation

After all, the permits have been received, and the sign has been designed, the sign company will schedule the installation with you. Lastly, it will also schedule an inspection of the sign 180 days from the installation date to ensure all processes are running smoothly.

Reputable firms like Alpha Sign Group can help streamline the fabrication and exterior sign installation process for you. Find out more about our products by contacting us today!

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