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Create Buzz with Tour Bus Wraps

Author Jim

You’re going on tour again! That is an exciting time, and while living on a bus for the tour may be daunting, it is a huge marketing opportunity. Let’s talk about how tour bus wraps can help you sell out your shows.

parked blue and black Compertur bus
Stand out adding beautiful murals for your tour bus.


A vehicle moves, and on tour, they aren’t just moving around a city, but the entire part of the country you drive. Advertising on a vehicle can create 70,000 impressions per day. That is more than radio, social media, tv, or any other kind of conventional advertising. This incredible reach can only grow with each vehicle that is part of your tour’s fleet.

Keep it Consistent

Your tour’s fleet should have consistent branding across all vehicles. The side of the bus should promote the tour’s headliner, using the artist’s name, image, and logo. You can use the back of the bus for the tour’s schedule and contact information, making it easy for anyone you pass to be able to understand how to buy a ticket. Choose your colors and work alongside the graphics company in order to make sure your vehicles stay consistent.

Eye Catching

It is important for your tour bus wrap to be eye-catching. Choosing a quality company, like Alpha Sign Group, to design and install your headliner’s bus mural ensures you will have a tour fleet that will grab attention and look amazing. Choosing a reliable company to install your tour bus wraps is the first step in adding this incredible marketing resource to your tour.

To learn more about how tour bus wraps can help to improve your tour marketing, contact us at Alpha Sign Group today. We’ve been providing our Alpharetta business partners with high-quality custom solutions for years!

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