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Custom Channel Letter Signs That Make Your Brand Shine

Author Jim

Front signs are the first element passersby’s and customers see when approaching a business or storefront, setting the initial expectations of each individual. Front lettering and graphics should accurately represent a business’ focus and be cohesive with its overall style and function. This makes for great first impressions and increased customer satisfaction with their experience as a whole.

Special Lettering and Creating Your Unique Look

outdoor-scaledThe clearest and most overwhelming advantage of employing the use of a front sign is the sheer visibility. A high point of visual interest then allows a professional setting to thoroughly personalize their custom channel letter signs with any font, form, or hue they desire, taking their existing surroundings into account in order to stand apart. As this method of signage is highly customizable, the appearance of these graphics can be rendered professionally to perfectly match and copy any pre-existing logos and lettering chosen to express a brand. This goes as far as adjusting letter size to accommodate the physical location of a business.

Lighting as a Design Tool

For establishments located in areas where local authorities and owners allow lit signage, professionals can further draw attention to their brand by strategically illuminating their custom channel letter signs. Experts in manufacturing this signage know how to properly work with materials and incorporate LEDs or neon. Graphics lit internally typically use LED sources as an energy-efficient and economical option. This includes commonly used front-lit lettering with glowing faces, made to shine and call attention far and wide any time of day. Backlit, or halo, letters are another option constructed to give more depth, appearing to ‘float’ in front of their structures. Of course, many choose to employ both methods of lighting at once to best express their brand, making use of fantastic, glowing depth and contrast to shine like no other place around it.

Experts at Alpha Sign Group will work with any interested client to create high-quality, effective front-channel letter signage. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and enhance your business’ appearance with our specialized service.

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