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Custom Logo Signs for Your Office

Author Jim

As visitors must pass through larger and more general areas of a building to reach business offices in complexes, directing and reiterating your professional presence with your logo is important. Custom logo signs represent what a given business is about and subtly help set the mood for customer and client interactions. Therefore, creating appealing and strategically placed signs makes for smoother and more positive business interactions.

Custom logo signs are essential features of lobbies and reception areas

Intentional Placement

Custom logo signs are essential features of lobbies and reception areas, calling for statement piece logo graphics, often featuring special lighting or 3D dimensional effects to establish a presence. Directional areas where office listings and building maps are located should also make use of logos, more subtly integrated among the information visitors seek. Depending on the setup of a building or complex, logos can also be incorporated in places of movement like elevators and stairwells that visitors see just after arriving, as well as conference rooms and individual professional offices complete with intricate room ID signs. 

Designs to Choose From

Professionals who design and manufacture custom logo signs have a lot to offer their clients as far as material and aesthetic options. One popular sign technique for professional settings is acrylic signs that provide sleek transparency without the fragility of glass, especially those that pop up from walls using metal grommets. Clients can also choose to adorn their offices with dimensional signs of other layered materials that create depth, such as layered metal sheets and 3D lettering. Rectangular panel signs are also commonly used to give structure to the presentation of a company’s logo and name while using color schemes and unique fonts to stand out. All of these options can be further enhanced by the use of backlighting or highlighted spotlighting.

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