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Different Styles of Vehicle Wraps to Expand Brand Reach

Author Jim

Every business is unique and benefits from various techniques to reach its customer base. Knowing how to choose graphic and visual representation and put it to effective use is essential to the function of a prospering enterprise. Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to promote one’s business on a daily basis using expressive and clever visual depiction. 

Trailer Wraps
Choose wisely between the different styles of vehicle wraps to boost your brand

Degrees of Vehicle Coverage

Styles of vehicle wraps and graphics are offered in three different levels: full, partial, and decals. The first option is the most involved and covers the entire length and surface of a car or truck. This method is perhaps the most eye-catching, as it makes a vehicle stand out the most from its surroundings, including during traffic. Partial wrapping is a bit cheaper than full wraps and requires a bit less commitment financially and appearance-wise. This choice can still be highly effective, though, in marketing and grabbing public attention to promote your brand. Decals are the simplest and cheapest form of vehicle-based advertising, requiring coverage of only certain spots using quality, specialized stickers.

Making the Proper Choice for Your Vehicle

Choosing wisely between styles of vehicle wraps depends on a client’s business needs and also the practical aspects of the accompanying vehicle. For one, both full and partial wraps can help protect the existing paint job on a vehicle, particularly extensive full wrappings. Full coverage can also help establishments stand out the most and connect most consistently with potential customers, helping to secure both new and returning business. There are cases when partial coverage can essentially function as a full wrap, though, such as when a vehicle’s exterior color scheme is already consistent with a brand image, using a wrap to make the entire car look like a display. Partial displays and decals also cost less and, as indicated in the name, do not take up as much exterior space. Many choose partials or decals to stick more effectively to their budgets, as well as to take advantage of the opportunity for further marketing without taking over the entire aesthetic of their truck or car. 

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