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Essential Stadium Signs That Improve the Guest Experience

Author Jim

Large stadiums host big games and nearly hundreds of thousands of spectators. It is only ethical to have signs all over the stadiums to enhance the guest experience. Stadium signs allow the stakeholders to deliver information efficiently and guide the visitors around the stadium. However, you can put several types of signs in a stadium. This article talks about the essential stadium signs every stadium should have to improve the guest experience.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are the most important signs a stadium needs to have to inform and guide guests at the venue. They are large signs mounted on the ground and can vary in shape and size. Monumental signs are typically the first thing visitors see when they enter the premises, giving the brand a pivotal chance to instantly connect the guests with the brand and the building. Monumental signs for the stadium have to match its size and scope to portray the right feeling from the beginning.

Stadium Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Once the guests are on the stadium premises, wayfinding signs are the most important signs for sports arenas. As stadiums are typically large and consist of several entries, hallways, rows, etc., guests can easily get lost if not appropriately guided. Wayfinding signs help the guest maneuver their way to the desired destination. These signs include:

  • Directional signs
  • Concrete and floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Address signs
  • Facility signs
  • Monumental signs, etc.

Safety Signs

Safety is a huge concern for stadiums as they host several thousands of guests, and providing safety for such a large number is not easy. However, you can instantly help yourself by having safety signs around the campus. Placing signs for safety information, danger, warnings, caution, etc., will keep people away from danger.

Other important signs for stadiums include:

  • Field and court banners
  • Event tent signs
  • Flags
  • Sponsor banners
  • Wall murals, etc.

Whichever sign you are looking for in your stadium, Alpha Sign Group can help find the right fit for your business.

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