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How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Wrap

Author Jim

Over the past decade, the use of a vehicle wrap has exploded nationwide as an innovative new form of marketing. Industries that utilize the mobile workforce, like the trades, personal support workers, and delivery fleets, have historically had more difficulty advertising due to a lack of centralized operations. But vehicle graphics are allowing businesses in these sectors to turn their fleets into a mobile advertising force that is constantly reaching into untapped markets. 

The only downside to this practice is that vehicles, unlike traditional signage options, are more likely to be damaged — especially for workforces that are constantly on the road. In order to get the most out of your company’s vehicle graphics, there are some important steps that you and your employees need to take. 

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle wrap should last for many years. But, what can you do to extend the life of the vehicle wrap? Well, first, there are a series of behavioral and procedural changes that need to be made.

How Your Behavior Impacts Your Vehicle Wrap Lifespan

A dirty and poorly-maintained vehicle will reflect poorly on the reputation of your workforce and company. But not only that, it can also cause extensive damage to both the vehicle wrap and your fleet.

To extend the lifespan of vehicle graphics, you need to train your employees about new vehicle maintenance protocols. Here are some new behaviors you will need to instill:

  • Routine inspection of the graphic to identify any damage
  • Regular cleaning of the outside and inside of vehicles
  • Conscientious driving and parking practices
Van Wraps
A company with a well maintained vehicle wrap on its fleet is able to advertise more effectively

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