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How to Place a Partial Vehicle Wrap

Author Jim

Wrapping a vehicle in its entirety is not always necessary. When this is the case, partial vehicle wraps are ideal. Is there a way to determine when a partial vehicle wrap will do? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Vehicle wraps fall into three categories: full wrap, partial wrap, and spot graphics.

The colors of your vehicle can be incorporated into your brand identity if they match or compliment your brand colors. Using negative space to create more impact could be considered a partial vehicle wrap.

It’s a lot easier to get creative if your vehicle color matches your brand color. With a unique combination of vinyl wrap placement and original vehicle color, you will be able to create unique designs that grab the attention of all those who pass by.

Consider wrapping your car in custom vehicle wraps to enhance your branding

Design Considerations for Your Vehicle Wraps

Partially wrapping a product requires you to consider a few things. For starters, you must determine where you will place the wrap. Make sure you do this to catch people’s attention. It is important to have maximum visibility, not necessarily where it looks the best.


If the car is often parked in high-traffic areas, then it would make sense to place the partial vehicle wrap on the passenger side so it can be noticed by the people walking by.


Your message may be better received through the back doors of a van that makes a lot of highway trips. That’s where a van’s maximum visibility lies.

Seamless Transitions

Make your wrap seamless by considering how to properly do it. Your goal is generally to create seamless transitions from edges and body panel sections of your car or truck so that they can blend in and not seem tacky. Think about how you can incorporate the angles and curves of your car into your partial wrap design.

Vibrant, Yet Effective

You want to create a wrap that looks good and delivers your message to the audience.

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