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Improve the Client Experience With Good Wayfinding Signs and Directories

Author Jim

Good wayfinding signs and directories can have a huge impact on your clients’ experience. Not only will these items help guide visitors through your building, but they’ll also show that you care about their experience from the moment they walk in your door all the way until they leave. If you want to make sure that everyone knows exactly where to go and how to get there, you’ll need to start by selecting the right directory or signage for your lobby, hallway, or office space.

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Wheel chair traffic sign pointing to the right in parking lot

Providing Great Directions Improves the Client Experience

Many customers are unfamiliar with your property. For those coming to a venue for the first time, they may have been turned around at an entrance or started walking in a direction before realizing it wasn’t correct. Others who have visited before may need help navigating back to their car, meeting room, office, or other desired destination. Everyone can benefit from understanding how to navigate around your property on their own accord! Here are some ways you can provide better wayfinding signs and directories:

  • Write directions that follow like steps, such as, “Take two steps up on this ramp”.
  • Clearly label exits that are not readily identifiable.
  • Place signs at eye level or above doors, so they don’t get missed while people enter or exit rooms.

Types of Public and Commercial Buildings that Need Directories and Directional Signs

Companies know the importance of keeping their customers happy. A dissatisfied customer can lead to less income, loss of reputation, and unhappy employees who are not loyal to the company. One way a company can foster better client satisfaction is by providing good wayfinding signs and directories. They need these at offices, schools, corporate campuses, commercial facilities, and hospitals – in order to help everyone get around. The first thing a visitor needs upon arrival is a welcoming smile from someone who knows them (staff member) or how to find that person (good signage). A visitor may be able to figure out where they are if there is good signage for the building number or something distinctive about it, such as its shape.

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