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Is A Monument Sign Right For Your Business

Author Jim

All professional settings need to use both practical and decorative elements in order to catch the eyes of customers and effectively direct them. For businesses in less obvious physical locations, special statement signage is required to let clients and those passing by of the opportunities nearby.

Call Attention to Your Location

Monument SignsBusiness settings set far back from the road, obscured by elements like foliage, or those that call a mall or plaza home often need monument signs in order to stand out enough for other businesses. This assists both pedestrians and drivers in locating a given business they were in search of and also calls attention to potential clients just happening to be in the area. Since the actual physical locales of such stores and offices are not highly visible from roads and areas of transport, large, attention-grabbing statement signs must be employed to sit apart or rise above from their paired business, visible from highways and sidewalks to market and direct. 

Design Elements for Success

Monument signs can be in the form of large lists of businesses contained within a mall, plaza, or building or can stand alone. The location is the number one priority, as their main purpose is to create visibility for a business where there is none. As far as individual design, just like all signage, they must accurately express a brand, whether as a smaller font and logo element on a larger “list” sign or on its own big monument. One clever method of personalization is to make such signs match their environment and yet stand out enough for visibility, including stone or fake stone structures in more heavily wooded areas. Lighting is also a great aspect to incorporate, such as attention-grabbing spotlights on the ground.

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