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Main Business Signs That Tell Your Brand Story

Author Jim

Brand stories are a critical element of every business’s marketing strategy. Not only is it crucial for conveying the business’s core values to customers, but it’s also equally important for the people who work there. Brand stories conveyed through different means attract the customers and helps employees feel a part of the story.

If you are looking for another method of conveying your brand story, business sign solutions are perfect for you.

How Business Signs Convey Your Brand Story

You can use business sign solutions to attract new customers and retain existing clients by combining your brand’s characteristics, identity, and story. Every time your clients see your business sign, they should be able to tell who you are, what you sell, and why they need to buy your products or services.

Think long and hard about the text you need to be printed; does it accurately describe your brand story? Choose a text that is concise, direct, and catchy. Taglines work well with business signs. You can use your logo, a special symbol, or a number that relates to your brand identity. You should ensure that the colors used in your main business sign represent your brand’s culture and are pleasing to the eye. The material you use can also symbolize your brand, so choose a material your brand resonates with, like a wooden sign for a business that sells organic produce.

Roof Sign
Business signs can attract new customers and retain existing clients

What Are Your Main Business Signs?

There are several types of business signs you can use to express your brand’s story:

Logo Sign

Your logo is the first thing clients see when they walk into your outlet, so it is your first impression on any potential customer. You must make your logo bright, bold, and direct. It should convey your message to potential clients while persuading them to give your brand a chance.

Directional Signs

Directional signs with ADA requirements or room ID signs increase professionalism and show your employees and clients you care about their time and business. These signs guide your stakeholders around your outlet and enable you to meet them where they are.

Storefront Signs

Storefront signs enable you to express your brand identity. Your storefront sign is what makes a passerby walk into your place of business. It should be attractive, simple, yet interesting. A great storefront sign will generate curiosity and interest in customers.

With logo, directional, and storefront signs, you can express your brand story and identity. However, it’s essential to ensure that all signs work well together and are linked to each other. You can work with us at Alpha Sign Group to help you develop a strategy and design to create the best business signs for your brand.

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