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Make a Great First Impression With Custom Reception Signs

Author Jim

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into an office? Chances are, it’s the reception desk. A simple place to greet guests, a reception desk can also be a highly effective tool for making sure you make a great first impression with your customers and clients, as well as being an area where other employees and co-workers can drop off mail or messages. Custom reception signs can help you put your best foot forward in any office or waiting room setting by giving off the right vibe and ensuring that everyone feels welcome.

The Importance of Custom Reception Signs

Whether you are walking into your company for the first time or meeting your future in-laws, everything is a first impression. Be sure to make it count by doing things right. As we have mentioned previously, there is one thing that sets apart great reception areas: custom reception signs. In order to create a lasting memory of your business’ first impression, you need to get creative. When coming up with ideas for custom signs, consider factors such as price point and structure.

Indoor Sign
Reception signs should communicate your businesses vision and goals

Don’t forget that these signs are important because:

  1. It’s the first place your customers see when they enter your business, your first chance to make a great impression
  2. Make customers feel welcome
  3. Makes your business look more professional

What Are the Goals of Custom Reception Signs

A great custom reception sign should be more than just decorative, but it should also help you communicate to your guests when and where they can find important areas of your business. The first thing that should appear on your custom reception sign is a large welcome greeting that puts visitors at ease. Then, below or to the side of that message, include any pertinent info about parking lot locations, restrooms, and concession stands. Keep in mind that the main goals of a custom reception sign are:

  1. To let customers know they have arrived in the right place
  2. To make your brand identity come to life
  3. To inspire trust and confidence

Multi-Dimensional Logo Signs From Alpha Sign Group

A multi-dimensional logo sign is dynamic and vibrant and reaches out to customers the minute they enter your reception area. Work with the Alpha Sign Group’s visual graphics team to find the best reception sign solutions to make great impressions. 

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