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School Signage Solutions That Strengthen School Spirit

Author Jim

From elementary school to college, school signage can invoke a feeling of school pride or convince a young adult to join your university. Let’s discuss some types of signage for your school.


The entrance of the school needs to make a great first impression. Maybe your school signage has the school mascot on it, or perhaps the school colors and font best associated with the school.

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Boost the school spirit with custom signs!


The perfect example of school signage indoors has to be a wall mural. This mural can showcase a logo or original art that shows why this school is unique. Wall murals can also add some flavor to an otherwise dull wall.


School signage in sports arenas or a gymnasium can hype up your team and their spectators when a big game is going on. Selecting signage that doesn’t distract, yet peps up the team, can be a big challenge, so be careful with what you choose.

Other Rooms

Pretty much any room for your school can have its school signage attached to it. This signage can be the entrance to the library, the counselor’s office, or even an individual teacher’s room. You don’t need a sign for every room, but having signs for particular areas can add ambiance.

Indoors or Outdoors

In conclusion, school signage works excellent for both indoor and outside uses. Your school is where young minds come to grow, and your signs should reflect that and stand out. Sometimes, schools can be competitive towards one another, and there are instances where people may choose one school over another due to aesthetic reasons. The signs can be a part of that.

Contact us, and we can help you create indoor signs and outdoor signs along with school signage that reflects your school’s values.

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