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Steps To Designing the Perfect Vehicle Wrap

Author Jim

Personalized wrapping of a vehicle provides a form of advertisement for growing businesses comparable to billboards, but they are mobile and only require a one-time investment. By working with experts to hash out what wrappings are a good fit for your brand and vehicle, this marketing strategy can promote professional success.

The Vehicle Itself

Whether an SUV, bus, truck, smaller car, or even a fleet of any combination of these, working with the existing construction of a vehicle is crucial to an effective vehicle wrap design. In order to fit properly and avoid distortions, experts must know how to work with the angles and curvatures of various autos. To take advantage of this passive advertising method, wrappings must be clearly understood, which is only possible with well-fitting and accurately sized graphics and lettering.

Quality installation of a<strong> vehicle wrap<strong> means that vehicle is ensured to be clean and smooth

Placement is Key

Quality installation of a vehicle wrap means that vehicle is ensured to be clean and smooth, with any obstacles taken care of ahead of time. Full wraps cover the entire exterior, but for partial coverings and vinyl decals, proper placement is crucial. A company logo and small description draw the eye when placed symmetrically on either side, off-centered toward the back, for example. Also, for smaller cars, some may choose to apply wraps to the top, visible from higher vantage points, though this is not practical for freight trucks and other large vehicles.

Visual Balance 

A wrapping must make its message clear by using bold design and color schemes but also avoiding overcrowding. As this form of advertisement is built on quick glances and transient readings, the design must be balanced and contrasted properly to be legible, and any accompanying images should be complimentary, not dominant.

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