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The Importance of ADA Compliant Signage for Your Business

Author Jim

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that each business must comply with. This includes making sure you have ADA-compliant signage. That means making sure all the signs your company uses are accessible to every person, regardless of their level of ability or disability. 

The ADA has set guidelines, rules, and regulations that dictate the placement, font size, and spacing of signage. This is especially important for signs that provide directional or safety information. 

Signs need to be visible and legible, meaning they need to be placed at a height that anyone can read and be able to be read through visual means, braille or other tactile methods. The signs also need to be able to be clearly understood by people with hearing, visual or other sensory disabilities. 

Branding and ADA Compliant Signage

ADA signs
ADA signs need to be visible and legible

As long as your sign is ADA compliant, you are free to add brand identifiers and other elements that align with your brand’s visual identity. Just be sure that in adding graphic design elements, you don’t break any ADA guidelines. 

You can incorporate a signature font into your signs to give them a distinct look. You can also incorporate a signature brand color into your signage. Be mindful of color combinations that are difficult to read for people with color blindness, even if the color combinations are not an essential part of the sign. 

You can also match the style of the sign and materials to your other branding to give everything a cohesive look and feel. Doing this will help to reinforce your brand messaging and will help to reinforce your brand image in the memory of your customers. 

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