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The Power of Positioning Your Logo Inside Your Office

Author Jim

Designing and creating custom logo signs helps you visually show off your company’s name, but what if you positioned your logo inside your office? Would it be more beneficial to place it in plain sight, or tucked away somewhere inconspicuous? The answer to that question lies in the benefits of both approaches to positioning your logo inside your office. If you place it in plain sight, your employees will see it every day as they walk by, while putting it inconspicuously helps keep an uncluttered workspace.

Every Business Needs More Than One Logo Sign

It is important that your business has different custom logo signs throughout it. It is not enough to just have one sign at the door or in the front window. There needs to be a logo sign in every room that you occupy inside your office space. You want your customers and prospective customers to know who you are right away, so they will understand how the company operates, its vision for itself, and what sets it apart from other businesses. Having multiple logos strategically placed around the building will make sure this happens. The more logos there are, the more people see them, and then those people are more likely to remember them when they think about where to buy a product or go if they need service-related work done.

Most Popular Logo Sign Styles

If you have a clear idea of your logo design and what type of sign you’re looking for, then the process will be much smoother. If you’re not sure which to choose yet, one option is to design your logo first so that you can get an idea of what kind and style best suit the rest of your branding. After this, think about where in your office or store it would look best. The type and style that matches with these particular locations should be the one you choose. The most popular choices are:

  • Dimensional
  • Panel signs
  • Acrylic signs
  • Illuminated logo signs
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