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Types of Directories and Kiosk Signs for Shopping Centers and Malls

Author Jim

More and more businesses these days are shifting towards the use of digital signage to promote their services, brand, and to distribute their content effectively. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. We live in the digital age and the digitization of signs aligns easily with the kind of technological trends we are seeing on a day-to-day basis. It makes for better customer services as digital signage is easily accessible through multiple devices, and it gives customers a chance to interact with the content that they see. Enhancing the experience of shoppers in this way is imperative for retail centers that wish to maintain their competitive streak in the market. One such way is to do that with the help of digital kiosk signs and digital maps. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using digital kiosk signs and digital maps.

Interactive Displays

Customers need what they need when they decide they need it. That time is now. Static mall directories can help with that to identify where a shopper is at the moment and guide them to the exact store they need to go to. Interactive displays that allow customers to type in a store’s name can help them easily find their way.

Directory & Directional Signage
Interactive display kiosks are the future of malls

Wayfinding Digital Kiosk Signs

A keyboard search bar function goes a long way to help guide digital-savvy customers within a mall or a retail store. This way, they can make their way to their desired store much more easily, without feeling frustrated.

Real-Time Events and Discounts

You can add full-color retailer profile pages that share information regarding existing discounts, events, and deals to customers so they can decide to go to that store and grab those offers. This would save them a lot of time and FOMO down the line.

Mobile-Ready Solutions

Your kiosk signs can include a QR code that customers can easily download. This way, they will have their maps handy and will be able to navigate much more easily.

The future is here. Invest your money in obtaining kiosk signs from Alpha Sign Group and make all your mall-goers and retail-therapy seekers happy with the endless digital possibilities they can obtain. Find out about our interior sign products here.

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