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Update Window Graphics for a New Season

Author Jim

Waiting for the warm weather to arrive so that you can go outside and appreciate the world is the best thing ever. However, summer also offers a significant potential for your brick-and-mortar store: foot traffic. It goes without saying that if you want to attract a passersby to come in and explore what your business is all about, you’ll need a strategic approach. So if you want to make customers feel excited before they even walk through the door, what’s better than window graphics?

Window Sign
Window stickers can raise brand awareness promotes consumer interest

Purpose of Window Graphics

A versatile and cost-effective choice for brands — window stickers serve various functions, from raising brand awareness to promoting consumer interest and developing a consistent store identity. Now that everything is returning to normal and streets are becoming more crowded, your shop front has a renewed opportunity to stand out.

Techniques to Maximize Window Graphics’ Effectiveness

A solid first impression should be the top focus for retailers looking to attract new customers. However, using a simple sign will no longer serve; instead, invest in brighter, bolder window graphics and catchy phrases to attract passersby’s. Here are some techniques you can follow:

  • Instead of simply displaying a few mannequins in your storefront, build a themed display for your customers to capture their attention.
  • Window graphics should be changed frequently to avoid stagnation and provide an opportunity to attract people who were unconvinced by the previous display.

As online shopping gains popularity, retailers strive to improve their offerings to attract shoppers. The storefront is where a business can make the first impression on visitors and convince them to go past the limited selection of goods on display and explore the rest of the inventory inside. The act of simply arranging a few window graphics on the storefront is not the end of the game. The display must be designed with strong attention to detail to capture a potential buyer’s attention. Here’s where a window graphics designer comes in. Contact Alpha Sign Group to learn more.

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