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Why You Need Exterior Signs and 3 Styles to Consider

Author Jim

Exterior signs can really help you stand out from the crowd, which makes them an effective way to promote your business or generate more foot traffic. But you’ll want to make sure that your sign design and the style accomplish the goals you have in mind and doesn’t end up costing you too much money without bringing in the results you expect.

The Purpose of Exterior Signs

The purpose of exterior signs is to create awareness of your brand, pique interest of shoppers and consumers, drive customers to your business, and build brand consistency. Outdoor signage is a crucial marketing tactic that should not be neglected because it promotes a consistent message about your business. A logo sign is your most important signage to achieve this purpose. There are three exterior sign solutions to consider, depending on your business and location.

Custom Building Logo Sign

outdoor signs, Alpharetta GA
The purpose of exterior signs is to create awareness of your brand

Built on an aluminum or steel framework, these signs can be designed to match any architecture style, whether that be modern or traditional. 

Designs for logo signs usually include your company name, a slogan (if you have one), contact information (address, phone number), and images that reflect the personality of the company or its mission.

Pole Signs

An effective sign needs to be seen so that it is worth the investment. If a customer has a hard time noticing the sign, they are probably not going to be impressed by your business. Pole signs have proven more successful because they catch people’s eye when they’re passing by. When you decide which pole sign design will work best for your company, think about where it will be located and what kind of visibility you want.

Monument Signs

Exterior signs can give an instant impression of what your business is like. If you want your business to be successful, it’s important that you promote your brand. A monument sign is a large sign that will grab the attention of people passing by. These signs are especially great if your business sits back from the road. Your sign will be visible, even if a potential consumer can’t see your actual building.

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