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Channel Letters in Suwanee, GA

Custom Channel Letters Suwanee

What can channel letters do for me?

It is the most cost-effective way to advertise your company, period.

Channel letter signs, from simple to custom crafted LED-illuminated designs, attract thousands of customers and create as many impressions. Well designed channel letter signs effectively motivate consumers to come inside your store. Unlike traditional media, on-premise signs advertise your business through repeat impressions, at a fraction of the cost.

What are channel letters?

Channel letters are illuminated building signs custom-made with dimensional plastic and/or metal.

If you’ve ever visited one of Suwanee’s bustling retail districts, you’ve probably seen our channel letter signs in action. That’s because they’re one of the most popular commercial sign types on the market, used by some of the country’s biggest brands, and we’re one of Suwanee’s top providers.

Popular types of channel letters

Though there are only two basic types of channel letters—standard and reverse—they can be subdivided into several channel letter sign styles based on the different options available for lighting and materials.
The Alpha Sign Group carries all the most popular channel letter signs, including:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs
  • Reverse-lit channel letter signs
  • Open-face channel letter signs
  • Combination front/reverse-lit channel letter signs
  • LED channel letter signs
  • Exposed neon channel letter signs
  • Formed plastic channel letter signs
  • Unlit channel letter signs (otherwise known as dimensional letter signs)

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong—we only stock high-quality materials, and everything is completely customizable.

Free channel letter sign quotes

The Alpha Sign Group proudly serves businesses throughout Suwanee.

Not a Suwanee local? Not a problem. As members of the SignWorld Business Alliance, a network consisting of over 330 sign companies, we offer custom channel letter sign products and services to clients nationwide.

Call 470-252-8008 or fill out the short form on our Contact Page to book a channel letter sign consultation.

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