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Creative Office Signage Solutions

Author Jim

When trying to increase productivity in your office, you may be surprised to learn the power of office signage. Having custom signs across the office may help to boost productivity and lead to happier, healthier workers. Here are several types of different office signage to choose from.


Simply put, this signage shows the logo of your company. It can establish brand identity, not just for your customers but also for your workers. Your logo on your doors, equipment, and any other applicable area can inspire a feeling of belonging to something bigger. 

Wall Graphics
Adding custom signage can be the pep your office needs

Room ID/Directional

With these types of signs, you can identify certain rooms in your office or point to another area of the office. These signs need to be compliant with ADA requirements, so be sure they are. 

Inspirational and Creative

Inspirational office signs have existed for a while, giving workers a boost in productivity. Some of these types of office signage don’t even have to have a message. They can just be cool designs that interest workers, while still being on-brand with your company. 

Window Graphics

Finally, this type of office signage can be ideal for people who want designs on their office windows. These designs can identify what type of office it is or give your workers some privacy to be more productive. When someone feels as if they’re being watched, there may be a decrease in productivity. 

Custom office signage allows your office to stand out and motivate your employees, combined with treating them well. Commission some signage today to give some personality to your office. 

We can help you make the ideal office signage for your workplace. Contact us at Alpha Sign Group today for more information on our indoor signage and our other services.

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