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Interior Backlit Signs and LED Wall Displays

Author Jim

Backlit signs and LED wall displays are leading the industry in today’s unconventional marketing techniques, many customers to the doorstep. Backlit signs are the signs of a brand name, wayfinding, etc., with the light shining through or behind them. On the other hand, LED wall displays are large screens without an interrupting junction or dividers that might disturb the display. Times Square is filled with those.

How do these lighting displays help the brand, and why do they use them? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Lighting as a Design Tool

Storefront Signs
Backlit signs and LED wall displays are leading the sign industry

Increased Visibility

The most apparent reason business owners use lighting signage is that they are more visible. It helps your business stand out wherever you are by shining your brand logo, name, etc. You can draw much more significant attention to your business than you would with traditional non-lighted signs. You can not imagine doing business without lighted signage.

Brand Value

Lighting commercial signs and LED displays are the most effective marketing techniques to build your brand value. By adding customized elements like logo designs, colors, messages, shapes, etc., you can help establish your brand image and connect with your audience. For instance, the golden arches of McDonald’s stand out alone as the lighted sign helps viewers recognize it as a brand identity.


Lighting signs are one of the cheapest forms of advertisement. Besides, it is a one-time investment. It stays up and working even during storms unless the power goes out. Moreover, these are highly customizable, so you can pick a template and change it however you think it portrays your business’s best image.


While the backlit signs are highly efficient, they are static. You can add more versatility to your brand by installing LED wall displays that can be interactive, giving the customers a different experience. Besides that, they are basically giant TVs, and you are free to use them however you want to according to your needs. Change your marketing according to the holidays and seasons, or build a sentimental value by displaying public service messages.

To make your business stand out in the most crowded marketplace, we recommend using both outdoor and indoor lighted signage for inexpensive and prominent promotion.

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