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What Type of Exterior Building Sign is Right For Your Brand

Author Jim

Brick-and-mortar stores can benefit from outdoor signage. Customer perceptions of a business’s products and/or services are influenced by the quality and attractiveness of outdoor signs. On the market, there are several common types of exterior building signs:

Outdoor Banners

Due to their low cost and high effectiveness, outdoor advertising is dominated by banners. Everything from car washes to grocery stores to business events features banners. You can use banners indoors or outdoors. It is the material they are made from that determines where they are used. Outdoor banners are usually made from vinyl. Another advantage of banners is the ability to customize them. There are a number of types of banners that can be customized to meet the needs of the market, which include different sizes, shapes, designs, and prints.

Window and Door Graphics

Signs like these can be displayed outside on empty windows and doors, which allows you to take advantage of the blank and empty space. Window graphics can enhance your store aesthetic and help you promote your products and services all at the same time.

Added privacy is also provided by window and door graphics. There are two options here: partially see-through graphics or opaque graphics. The options to choose from when it comes to window and door graphics are truly endless; you will be able to find some that suit your needs perfectly.

Directory & Directional Signage
Investing in building signs that are effective can help build customer loyalty

Directory Signs

Directory signs help customers find businesses within a complex. These signs can be seen by pedestrians and drivers even before they enter the building.

Guests can also locate directions to the reception area, bathrooms, elevators, and other areas around buildings with these signs. Commercial complexes such as hotels, hospitals, and government offices require these types of signs.

Storefront Signs

Retail and business storefronts may display these signs. Designed to entice customers and provide information about a business, storefront signage serves two purposes. By expressing the values, mission, and heart of your brand in just a few seconds, your storefront sign can make a positive first impression. Generally, storefront signs include a logo, a slogan, and the name of the business. Hours of operation and a phone number can also be included. Signs must be eye-catching and be readable at a distance.

Advertising Hoardings

These large outdoor advertisements, commonly known as billboards, are typically situated in high-traffic areas. Pedestrians and drivers alike are targeted with these banners, as the idea is to grab attention while on the move. The hoarding must have eye-catching graphics to gain leverage. They are harder to ignore the more space they occupy because they then become more dominant.

Building Wraps

An entire building can be covered from ground to roof with these digitally printed banners. Outdoor advertising of this kind is among the most effective forms. The use of building wraps is not limited to advertising purposes; they can also be employed for aesthetic purposes. As well as protecting passersby’s from falling debris on construction sites, these are common on under-construction buildings as well. Building wraps, when they are branded, can also be used for advertising.

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